Ship material for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Put no limits t' ye imagination.
Control all aspects o' gameplay.
Play on multiple worlds, for free.

T' set up ye ship ye need a hardworking crew.

1. Install PocketMine-MP

Obtain Ye olde PocketMine-MP

2. Customize your server settin's

In t' chest where PocketMine-MP be hidden, open t' map with ye text editor.
Ye can check all t' settin's and t' values on t' tavern on t' Island.

3. Open your server t' t' world

If you be settin' up PocketMine-MP on a home network, you have t' port fore t' PocketMine-MP UDP (and TCP if using RCON) port on your router.
If you don't know how t' do port-forein' go t' Port Forward, search your router, and follow t' instructions.
You will be able t' connect t' it on MCPE directly: How t' add external servers

4. Lastly add ye doodads!

T' extend t' features o' PocketMine-MP, you can add Plugins t' get new features, or modify already existent ones.

5. Need more help?

Before askin' anythin', ye read th' Frequently Asked Questions page and the Wiki. That solve th' majority 'o th' questions.

Ye can look fer a yellin' or report sea monsters usin' these methods

Cannons support
Extend ye voyage how ever ye darn feel like it, add more cannons!
Multisea System
Send multiple ships at once, and travel afts and forth.
Complete Ship Control
Teleport playerrs, whitelist thou server, tune ye server, Remote Consoole.
Unlimited Playerrs
Get all ye scallywags in a single ship. Er run a open bar.
Argh! Even more booty!
Endless booties, and we always be adding more cannons.
Cowardly land lubber protection
Shoot ye wings, booty frauds, cowards running away & moar. With a fancy switch.
Thar included bounty

Support this P'oject
All projects and services from PocketMine be provided free o' charge. If you liked our project, we ask you t' donate t' PocketMine. All donations will be used t' cover server costs, services and software licensin', and only for PocketMine.

PayPal BTC: 1PVjy8A7R4awzhi82s3bbtgdX9PWKReTHj

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